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Letsgocollect’s first mystery box




  • Standard boxes
  • Secret boxes
  • Prize boxes
  • GOD boxes


What you can expect:

  • Sun and moon base booster packs (1:2)
  • Lost origin booster packs
  • Fusion strike booster packs
  • Battle Styles Booster Packs
  • Silver Tempest Booster packs
  • Astral Radiance Booster Packs
  • JAP Pokemon Go Booster packs (1:4)
  • JAP Incandescent Booster Packs (1:4)
  • 25th Celebrations Booster Packs (1:4)
  • Chilling Reign Booster Packs (1:2)
  • Pokemon Go Booster Packs (1:4)
  • Trick or Trade Booster Packs(1:1)
  • Shining Fates Booster Packs (1:4)


Sleeved Booster Packs (1:1):

  • Evolving Skies (60%)
  • Fates Collide (15%)
  • Roaring Skies (5%)



  • Pokemon Enamel Pins (1:2)
  • Pokemon Coins
  • Card Sleeves (1:1)
  • Top Loaders (1:1)



  • Charizard UPC (1:100)


What's in the boxes:


Rare Pack (1:1):

  • Jap Pokemon Go Booster Pack (20%)
  • Jap Incandescent Booster Pack (20%)
  • English Pokemon Go Booster Pack (20%)
  • Shining Fates Booster Pack (20%)
  • Celebrations Booster Pack (20%)


Bonus Pack (1:1):

  • Sun and Moon Base Booster Pack (50%)
  • Chilling Reign Booster Pack (25%)
  • Battle Styles Booster Pack (25%)


Every box contains the minimum following (Standard Box):


  • 5x random assorted booster packs (Lost Origin, Astral Radiance, Silver Tempest, Fusion Strike, Battle Styles)*
  • 1x Trick or Trade Booster Pack
  • 1x 25pce Top Loaders
  • 1x 100pce Protector Sleeves
  • 1x Sleeved Booster Pack
  • 1x Rare Booster Pack
  • 1x Bonus Booster Pack


Secret box (Plus everything in Standard Box) (1:3):

  • Pokemon Gift (50%)
  • 1x Graded Slab


God Box (Plus everything in Standard Box) (1:20)

  • Pokemon Gift 
  • 1x Graded Slab


Prize Box (Plus everything in Standard Box) (1:100)

  • Charizard UPC





*All percentages and seeded rates (ratios) are approximate. All boxes are hand packed, some human error may occur, contents are subject to change and may differ from what is listed. Assorted booster packs are randomly selected at time of packing, and can contain 1 or more of the same booster pack from each set (up to 5 booster packs). Image shown is for illustrative purposes only.


Out of Stock
  • Not all products listed available in every box.

    Odds and percentages are estimated.

    No refunds or returns available for this product.

  • For super cheap shipping within AUS select “MYSTERY BOX SHIPPING ONLY” as the shipping method. Please note this method can only be used for orders containing ONLY the “ultra mega mystery box”. Any orders containing other products will canceled and refunded.


    If you would like to purchase other products as well as the “ultra mega mystery box” please make a seperate order for all other items, you may use a standard shipping method for orders containing the “mega mystery box” but shipping cost may be higher.